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Just wanted to let you know all my opals showed up yesterday, thanks for all your help man and BIG thanks for all kickass swag you threw in the bag lol. Thanks a million man, you and Mountain Glass are hands down my favorite companies to work with, the customer service and quality of products is top notch. If I don't talk to you before, have a Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah/Epic Festivus!

P.S. I'll proudly sport my Profound Pin too :)

You shipped my order 25 min after I placed it! I've Ive had some real bad custi service lately (not from you!), and gotta say its a treat ordering with you , always goes out super quick and your product is top quality. Thank you very much, you all are super pro!:)

I’ve been out of town for the last 10 days and just got back to find a big ‘ole bag of nice opals :) Thanks so much!!! These look fantastic, looking forward to using them.

thanks for providing the best quality opals available! My customers comment on the the brilliance of the gems and my colleagues agree that this is the best source for serious glassblowers. thanks for the great customer service, too!

Just wanted to thank you for the extras that came with my order. Your stones are top notch and I've never had an issue with a single one I've purchased. I will order again soon!

Hope you're having a great weekend bud. We got the opals in yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. We particularly love the pyramids and donuts (go figure).

Hey just wanted to say thanks you for the fast shipping! You guys are the best and are very reliable A+! I just received my order. Also Ordered a bunch of glass from 3 of my other suppliers, all Wed overnighted and your guys package was the only one to arrive so far. Much respect. I'm gonna put in another opal order real soon! You guys rock

Hey just wanted to say thanks for the super.quick.flash delivery. I came home today (Monday) to find the package sitting at my door at 3pm after ordering from you guys on Saturday afternoon.. THANKS again!!

I understand that word of mouth is how we get around in this art community, so I am glad to help! The supplies I get from you help to sell my artwork, because they are top quality and I appreciate that. So, I want to thank you for that! I am just glad that we have a great community, and we support each other in a good way! Thank you so very much!

I just wanted to thank you for shipping so fast and for providing excellent service. This was my second purchase with you guys and both of been very pleasant. I love the AKM pendant, this thing really blings, the sparkle in the green is really sick. Also thank you for throwing in some stickers and your profound glass hatpin. Very cool of you guys. I will be ordering from you again as soon as I've ran through the last shipment of opals I got from ya'll.

The first order was great, thank you! I have been telling everyone that asks that Profound is the place to get the best opals and service.... I will definitely be back for more. Thank you for the follow up.

I want to thank you for my order. Great website, smooth transaction, and extremely quick free shipping. Best service I've had in a while and the stones are beautiful!

I want to Thank you for your speedy delivery as well as the Awesome Freebie. This was my first purchase and I will definitely purchase again. Thank you

Hello, I just wanted to say I love your products! I have purchased opals in many places in my 14 years blowing glass. Your are the best quality I have used..... Just wonna to give you some props.

Customer service was more than awesome. You exceeded my exceptions!

Thanks for your quick service. I look forward to receiving these opals.

I am ordering these pink squares for a second time. They are extremely high quality..... Thanks again for your amazing customer service and high quality opals.

I received the opals today and it’s exactly what I wanted and needed! They are AWESOME!!! Many thanks!

Got our package of opals yesterday, thanks! You must have found some tumbled opal and it looks great, we really appreciate it. The cube also looks like a pretty and fun piece. Thanks for everything and happy holidays.

I just got my new squares and replacement marquis!!!

Thank you for being awesome to do business with =)))

Hope you guys have a great holiday!

I received Opals.
This is the best quality of opals!!!It has great color and very strong with fire☆
Thank you so much for making amazing products!
I will make extra order by your web shop.Thanks again

I just wanted to let you know that I received the opals and I am very happy with the quality (as usual)

hey, i just got an order of opals in from you..i have bought opal chips and rough opals from you in the past, but this time i ordered a few different cut styles and other polished opals. I am blown away by how good these look…i made a couple marbles today using your opals and im getting tons of great comments on them. I will be ordering more opals soon and pointing anyone who asks in your direction, your prices are better than most and the quality is superb!

I received this ring in the mail today. They're all amazing! I guess I'll have to order more in the future!
Thanks again for your beautiful pieces . . . you're a very talented and creative artist.
Thanks again. I'll keep checking your site for more! :) Have a great day!

Thank you Nate,
Always more than satisfied. Beautiful glass! We'll keep checking the site for new pieces.
Take care,

Hello there Nate - Just had to let you know I received all my goodies yesterday and what can I say - they are all beautiful. Wow the clear with the large white opal was just awesome... I almost wish there would never be another so I could be the only one to have it. It is just so special
- so many thanks, muchas gracias, Caio

Thanks for your fast service and great responsiveness! It's been a pleasure doing business and I can't wait for my items!
Thanks once again

The opals are gorgeous! Everyone lucky enough to get a pendant with one is in love! I've never used opals before ordering from you b/c I don't like the look of rough opal so it's great to have access to faceted opals ready to go at a great price! This is my second order but I'll definitely be back! 38 opals, 4 different sizes/colors for only $50 w/ free shipping? WOW!!!!
Mike B - North Carolina

HI Nate!
Thanks so much for my order. The opals are gorgeous. You are the biggest sweetheart sending me the BIG Heart! I am going to make something for myself with it. No one else will get that one. The cabs are fabulous and the rough is more that I hoped for. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found you. I know I'll be ordering again soon. Great customer service and fantastic product, YOU are the BEST!!!!
Always, Jessica


I just wanted to let you know that I have received them ( Gilson created opal cabochons) and they are beautiful. The first ones were nice but these are incredible. Thanks!


Hi Nate!
They ( gilson opal) arrived and are beautiful!
Thanks for everything,

Ille - Austria

Just to let you know rings arrived this morning in the post, many thanks, they are lovely.

Nina. ( England, UK )

Hey Nate!!!
I Just received my order today, and I must say that I am truly fascinated (with) the glasswork techniques that you use!!! Everything is so much more Beautiful in person!!! Thankyou for the Flower pendant I really love it too!!!
Have a GREAAT Christmas Nate!!!
Thank you so MUCH!!!!

Danielle F

Dear Nate,
The pendant is even more beautiful in person than on my computer screen! It's going to be hard to keep it a secret until Christmas.
Thank you so much,

I love it I love it I love it.
The pendant arrived safely on Wednesday. Thank you so very much!
Emily G

I just got my ring today and I love it!! I was just curious if you guys ever make the the real thick ones not the ones made out of glass beads...Just wondering. Thanks again...I will defnintely shop your site again.

South Dakota

Hi Nate,
I received your flower pendant today and it's even more beautiful in person than on the computer. I'll be coming back for more. I just left you very positive feedback.

Thank you.
Lisa R

Hey Nate,
I got my opals and they are great. Thnax
Justin M

Hey Nate,
got the rings and am very happy with them...and the gift. thank you, and also for saving me the duty. gave your cards to a couple of will probably be hearing from them soon. merry xmas!

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