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"All Round" Sample Pack

"All Round" Sample Pack
"All Round" Sample Pack
All of our round shapes in one sample pack
List Price: $267.50 ea
Price: $200.00 ea
You Save: $67.50 ea (25%)
Product Details

Great Sample Pack of all our "round" shapes including coins, spheres, rounds and more! All at a special discounted price too.

1 x White 15mm round coin
2 x Mint 8mm Round Coins
2 x White 6mm Round Coins
1 x RGB 6mm M & M
4 x White 3mm Spheres
1 x Apollo 5mm Sphere
2 x Black 4mm Spheres
1 x White 4mm Sphere
5 x White 2mm Spheres
2 x Crystal 5mm Spheres
1 x Mint 6mm Rounds
2 x White 4mm Rounds
2 x Rainbow 4mm Rounds
2 x White 4mm Faceted Rounds
1 x White 6mm Faceted Rounds

Please note: All opals in the sample pack are 1st quality. Limit 1 per customer, no additional discounts and no substitutions please.


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