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Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)

Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)
Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)
Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)
Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)
Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)
Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)
Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)
Crushed Opal Nail Polish (15ml)
(Click to see larger image and other views)
Now your nails can match your crushed opal glass piece!
Price: $22.00 ea
Product Details
***Please note: We can not ship our nail polish internationally due to Post Office regulations in the U.S.

Behold our New Crushed Opal nail polish. Now your nails, or the nails of your loved one, can match your favorite crushed opal glass piece! Each bottle is 15ml and is mixed and ready for you wear. We suggest that you use a very dark base color, then apply one coat of our crushed opal nail polish. Once dry, we strongly suggest a coat of Seche Vite brand top coat for a super smooth and polished finish (available at most drug & grocery stores).

The folks at Polished Mommy wrote a very helpful review of our polish. The review has some great pictures, together with insights and tips for those looking for more info.

  1. How big is the bottle of polish? 15ml, typically the standard for most nail polish bottles.
  2. Does it come with a ball bearing inside? Yes, it comes with a large cosmetic grade agitator ball inside.
  3. When it dries, is it gritty? You have to use a high quality, self leveling top coat over the opal nail polish; otherwise, it will be gritty.
  4. If I have a suggestion or comment, who can I talk to? Drop us an email at We would love top hear your thoughts and take feedback very seriously.
  5. What does it look like on? There are a couple swatch pictures above (click more images to see more). Those pictures were taken in direct sunlight on a sunny afternoon. The opal polish is very mellow indoors, but has a beautiful sparkle in the sunlight, just like our regular opal does. Keep in mind that opal refracts the light and needs light whether in cabochon or nail polish form :)
  6. Do you ship internationally? Unfortunately, we cannot due to Post Office regulations.
  7. How many coats will I need to make my nails look like the swatch pictures? Most go with one coat, but each coat brings more bling.
  8. Do you wholesale these? Not at this time.
  9. What if the opal settles in the bottle? We use a very high quality suspension base that has pretty good viscosity, but the larger bits of opal will settle/separate over time. Just warm the bottle in your hand and roll the ball bearing and bubble around in the bottle. It will be mixed up in no time.

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