Created Opal

 Animal Shapes
 Card Suit Shapes
 Round Coins
 Square Coins
 Triangle Coins
 Diamond Coins
 Octagon Coins
 Pear Coins
 Crescent Moons
 Faceted Opals
 Faceted Hearts
 Faceted Ovals
 Faceted Marquise
 Faceted Pears
 Faceted Rounds
 Faceted Squares
 Faceted Trillions
 Lightning Bolts
 M & Ms
 Small Run Shapes
 UFOs & Aliens
 Pre-Encased Opals
 2nd Quality Opals
 Sample Packs *NEW*
 Rough Opal
 Tumbled Opal
 Crushed Opal
 Rough Opal - Cataloged
 Opal chips
 Rough - by the gram

Tools of the Trade

 Boro Facets
 Opal Cleaning Cloth
 Quartz Facets (NEW)
 Storage Containers
 Glowing BoroBars
 Gold and Silver
 Murrini & Milli
 By the Gram
 Pyro Gems
 T-Shirts *NEW*
 Nail Polish
 Hat Pins
 Gift Cards

Boro Glass Art (wearable)

 Artist: Jacobson
 Artist: AKM
 Artist: Kevin Murray
 Artist: Jolex
 Artist: AKIO
 Artist: Gonzoe
 Artist: Natey
 Artist: Grandpa Glass...
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