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Glassblower's Special #1

Glassblower's Special #1
Glassblower's Special #1

Compatible with COE 33 / borosilicate glass
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Price: $100.00 ea
Availability: Currently Out of Stock
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Product Details

Please note: Availability of our Glassblowers Special#1 is erratic so please check back often. Also check out our NEW Sample Packs here.

This glassblower's special is a "grab bag" of approximately 20-40 cabochons--no rough or tumbled opals. The opals in this special are second quality (meaning: poor fire, poor polish, fissures, chipped edges, misshapen, etc.), discontinued opal shapes/colors, and/or odds and ends that we have collected. In each grab bag you will find a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. These stones are best used for nice production work, teaching, and experimenting. All sales of these specials are final and do not qualify for any additional volume discounts. **Max TWO per order. Thanks!**