Created Opal

 Spikes *NEW*
 UFOs & Aliens *NEW...
 M & Ms
 Round Coins
 Square Coins
 Triangle Coins
 Diamond Coins
 Octagon Coins *NEW*
 Crescent Moons
 Lightning Bolts
 Green Crosses
 Maple Leaf
 2nd Quality
 Tumbled Opal
 Rough - by the gram
 Rough - Cataloged
 Crushed Opal
 Fully Drilled Beads
 Half Drilled Beads

Tools of the Trade

 Opal Cleaning Cloth
 Storage Containers
 Glowing BoroBars
 Gold and Silver
 Murrini & Milli
 By the Gram
 Pyro Gems
 Faceted Rounds
 Faceted Squares
 T-Shirts *NEW*
 Nail Polish
 Hat Pins
 Gift Cards

Boro Glass Pendants

 Artist: AKM
 Artist: BigZ
 Artist: Jolex
 Artist: AKIO
 Artist: W.C.Stearns
 Artist: Andy Roth
 Artist: FREEEK
 Artist: Gonzoe
 Artist: Hefe Glass
 Artist: Neko
 Artist: Natey
 Artist: Bishop
 Artist: Granpda (rings...
 Artist: Christina Cody

Natural Opal

 Ethiopian Opal
 Rough by the gram
 Rough - $25 or less
 Rough - $25 to $100
 Ethiopian Opal Jewelry
 Boulder Opal
 Boulder Opal Jewelry
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