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Attn Non-USA customers: Very excited to announce that international orders between $49 and $400 now quality for free shipping! Awesome right? Click here for our International Shipping options. See ya, Nate

We have put together some great Sample Packs to making choosing your next opals a bit easier. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Just a quick heads up on our new Card Suit Shapes and Animal Shapes sections. Wishing everyone a great 2017! Nate

Its that time of year again where we slow down for a few days and spend some AAA quality time with our loved ones. We at Profound Glass are planning to do the same :) Below are our hours of operation over the next 2 weeks:
Holiday Business Hours:
12/23 - Friday: Business as usual
12/24 - Saturday: Closed
12/25 - Sunday: Closed; Merry Christmas!!
12/26 - Monday: Closed
12/27 - Tuesday: Business as usual
12/28 - Wednesday: Business as usual
12/29 - Thursday: Business as usual
12/30 - Friday:Business as usual
12/31 - Saturday: Open until 2pm cst
1/1 - Sunday: Closed; Happy New Year
1/2 - Monday: Closed
1/3 - Tuesday: Business as usual

If something comes up while we are out of the shop please don't hesitate to email us. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. From everyone here at Profound Glass - Happy Holidays!! Nate

I am really excited announce and introduce our new "Pre-Encased" opals! We are getting started by offering our Wu-Tang , Dead Bolts and Skull opals pre-encased. We will be adding more shapes to our "Pre-Encased" line up in the coming months. All the opals are in Simax and are ready to be preheated and used in your work.

Also we are (re)introducing our faceted boro gemstones and calling them "Boro Facets". These are faceted Simax and sparkle like crazy. They throw off huge amounts of light in all directions when in direct sunlight. As they are Simax, they do melt like glass, so keep that in mind. Great for use with your mini torch.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by! Nate
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