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Just a quick note that we will be closed on Thanksgiving but otherwise it will business as normal at Profound Glass. Below is a break down:

11/25 - Wednesday: 10am - 5pm CST & shipping
11/26 - Thursday: Thanksgiving - closed
11/27 - Friday: 10am - 5pm CST & shipping
11/28 - Saturday: 10am - 2pm CST & shipping

Wishing everyone safe travels and a splendid Thanksgiving Holiday! Nate

Be sure to check out our new Limited Edition opal shapes.  Have a great weekend! Nate

Below is our Labor Day (USA) schedule:

Friday 9/4 - 10am - 5pm; Business as usual
Saturday 9/5 - 10am - 2pm; Business as usual
Sunday 9/6 - Closed
Monday 9/7 - Closed - Labor Day, National Holiday
Tuesday 9/8 - 10am - 5pm; Business as usual

Have a great long weekend! Nate

Attn Safari browser users: Safari version 5.xx and 6.xx browser behave erratically when interacting with secure servers (read: website payment pages). Its a known bug that will likely never be addressed by Apple. So, if you are having trouble with these old versions of Safari please either upgrade your Safari to version 7 or higher or try Firefox or Chrome or IE. Another option would be to give us a call at 877-844-5573 and we can take your order over the phone. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! Nate

I hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend. Its back to business as usual here at Profound. Thnaks for stopping by! Nate

Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day & Profound Glass will be closed for the holiday. Below is our holiday schedule:

- Friday May 22: 10am - 5pm CST, business as usual
- Saturday May 23: 10am - 2pm - orders placed by noon CST will ship Saturday
- Sunday May 24: Closed - orders placed on Sunday will ship Tuesday
- Monday May 25: Closed for Memorial Day - orders placed on Monday will ship Tuesday.
- Tuesday May 26: 10am - 5pm CST, business as usual

We hope this schedule helps. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Added some new 2nd quality stones today including big trillions, rounds, ovals and hearts.Also added were a few "Glassblower's Specials". Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Just added some new tumbled opal batches to the site. Be sure to check it out if you have been waiting for our regular (cheaper than AAA) blue, pink or white tumbled opal. Have a great day!

Just updated our 2nds page with 39 new opals. Most of the time an opal is designated 2nd quality because it doesn't have fantastic fire. They are still very useful and many find them to be a great value. Be sure to act fast; they tend to disappear quickly. Thanks for visiting! Nate

Seems that winter weather is slowing the USPS down in some parts of the country (north east and south east primarily). Please consider FedEx as your delivery method if your order needs to be delivered by a certain day. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

We just added our new opal cleaning cloths to the site. They are made of the highest quality microfiber - the same used for seeing glasses. Not only can they be useful for cleaning opals with hand oils and such but for cleaning your boro glass collection, your phone screen and camera lens too! At only $2.25 they are a bargin. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Just a quick heads up that MLK Day is this coming Monday (1/19/2015) and it is a USPS holiday BUT not a FedEx holiday. So please keep in mind that all orders being shipped by the USPS will picked up on Tuesday. Orders being shipped by FedEx will be picked up on Monday like normal. Lastly, We will be in the shop on Monday so other then the above, it is business as usual. Have a great long weekend! Nate

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Its back to business as usual here at Profound. Also, if you have been waiting for the larger bottle of our crushed opal nail polish, we will have more available on 1/13/2015 - Next Tuesday.Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Just added these octagon coins. Happy holidays. Nate

Its that time of year again where we slow down for a few days and spend some AAA quality time with our loved ones. We at Profound Glass are planning to do the same :) Below are our hours of operation over the next week & a half:
Holiday Business Hours:
12/24: open until noon cst (shipping)
12/25: closed (not shipping)
12/26: closed (not shipping)
12/27: closed (not shipping)
12/28: closed (not shipping)
12/29: 10am - 5pm cst (shipping)
12/30: 10am - 5pm cst (shipping)
12/31: open until noon cst (shipping)
1/1: Closed (not shipping)
1/2: 10am - 5pm cst (shipping)

If something comes up while we are out of the shop please don't hesitate to email us. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. From everyone here at Profound Glass - Happy Holidays!! Nate

Below are the "Last Days To Order" for your shipment to arrive prior to Christmas:
  • Tues. 12/23 at noon cst- FedEx Overnight ($30)
  • Mon. 12/22 at noon cst - FedEx 2 day ( $20)
  • Sat. 12/20 at noon cst - FedEx 3 day ($10)


  • Mon. 12/22 at noon cst - Priority Mail ($6)
  • Fri. 12/19 at 5pm cst - 1st Class (Free*)

* Free First class shipping on order being delivered in the USA over $25. First class shipping is $3.00 for orders less then $25

I hope the above info is helpful with order timing and shipping decisions. Please email or call us with questions anytime. Hope you are having a fun and cheerful holiday season! Nate


Its the Holiday shipping season... and that means the USPS is sometimes slower then expected, especially as we inch closer to Christmas. Given that, we strongly recommend you choose FedEx for shipping during check out if you need a guaranteed delivery date. If you are ok to potentially wait a bit for delivery, then please use our free shipping offer (typical delivery in 2 -3 business day during non holiday periods)cuz its a great deal. If you have shipping questions please get in touch anytime. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Just wanted to say that I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Its been a great year for the boro community and an amazing year for so many artists. So much to be thankful for. Below is our schedule for this Holiday week:
Wednesday, Nov 26th: Normal business hours
Thursday (Thanksgiving): Closed
Friday, Nov 28th: Closed
Saturday, Nov 29th: Closed

If you have an emergency please email us through our contact us page and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Safe travels y'all! Nate

Heads up to the core AKM collectors. Profound Glass and AKM teamed up to offer sterling silver, hand signed and numbered AKM pins with your choice of 5 different colored opal eyes. Each opal eye color is limited to 50 pieces. We think they look great and you will be very happy to have one when they are all sold out. Thanks for stopping by!

We just added Mini Pink Tumbled Opals to the site. Great color and a great finish on these. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Just a quick heads up to say that our black 4mm squares and black 5mm squares are simply stunning right now. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween! Nate

Quick FYI: Today is Columbus Day, a national holiday therefore, the USPS won't be picking up packages until tomorrow. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! Nate

Today is the day for the BigZ webinar. Crushed opal tech will be discussed in depth during the show. Here is a link to the BigZ trailer on YouTube if your curious. The webinar is happening TODAY at 5pm and its going to be a great show. Here is a link to Glasscraft's sign up page. Don't miss this opportunity! Nate

Wishing everyone a relaxing Labor Day weekend. Just an FYI - Orders placed over the weekend will be shipping on Tuesday as USPS & FedEX are closed on Monday for the holiday. Thanks for stopping by - Nate

We are really excited to announce our new AAA tumbled opal series. Its available in 6 colors as well as an assorted batch containing all the colors. These tumbled stones are cut from our AAA rough opal and are, in our opinion, an excellent value. Each piece polished to a perfect mirror finish and ready for use in your work. Thanks for stopping by - Nate

Just got word that BigZ will be doing a crushed opal oil rig webinar for GlassCraft on Sept 18th. For all of you interested in this application I suggest you take a look  - its only $75! More info on our "Upcoming Classes" page. Nate

Stumbled onto this article from 2013 covering the glass scene in RVA. Def worth a read! Nate

Just a quick note to say that we are back from our summer holiday (see below for more info) and everything is back to normal here at Profound. I also wanted to say thanks to everyone we saw along the way - good times. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Profound Glass will be taking its Annual Summer Holiday from today through Thursday July 24th. During this time orders can still be placed through our website, BUT orders placed while we are on Holiday will be shipped on Friday July 25th. Someone will be checking emails from time to time so if you need to get a hold of us please email us here . Give us a day or so to respond.

So why do we shut the shop for a week and a half? Well, we started the tradition 8 years ago and found that its a meaningful time for everyone here at Profound Glass to get away from the shop, relax, recharge and spend some AAA quality time with the people that are most important to them. Thanks for your understanding and I personally hope that our little hiatus isn't too much of an inconvenience. See ya, Nate

Just a quick heads up - If you have been thinking of restocking your opal stash within the next couple weeks please do so before noon on Friday July, 11th so we will have time to get your order shipped before we split for our Annual Summer Holiday.

Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Happy July fourth everyone! As you might have guessed both USPS and FedEx are not picking up today due to the holiday therefore no orders will be shipped today. We are back to business as normal tomorrow. Have a great holiday folks! Ariel

Just a heads up that we have added AAA tumbled white opal and AAA tumbled orange opal to our site today. These are larger pieces of tumbled opal made from our top quality rough and polished to a perfect mirror finish.

Also, while it is still a few weeks off, The Profound Glass crew will be taking a holiday (in Colorado!) at the end of July. We are really excited to beat the heat and catch up on some family time. More info as our dates firm up.

We wanted to wish everyone a safe and memorable long weekend and just in case you were wondering; Yes will will be shipping orders tomorrow (Saturday) but will be closed on Monday for Memorial day. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Added black 13 point bolts today. Both 12mm and 16mm. They are really impressive! Thanks for stopping by! Nate

Added a few Natey pieces today. They are pretty sweet! Nate

Just a quite note to say thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the GlassRoots show. It was great to chat and catch up. Until next time y'all! Nate

We will be at the GlassRoots show in Austin for the next two days (May 13th and 14th). Therefore orders placed during that time will ship on Thursday the 15th. If you are planning on coming by the show we are in booth #613 and will have lots of great stuff to check out as well as a crushed opal nail polish station! See ya there and have a great day, Nate

We have posted a handful of Natey infinity pendants. A few more will be trickling out throughout week. Thanks for stopping by! Ariel

We have added green 8mm spheres and rainbow 8mm spheres. They are really sweet. Hope everyone is loving the springtime weather! Thanks for stopping by. Nate

Added some green and pink tumbled opals this morning. Both look great. Have a great week y'all. Nate

Just added 29 new Ethiopian opals here. They are all less than $25 too. Thanks for stopping by! Ariel

A handful of new opals have been added to the site over the couple weeks or so. Here is a comprehensive:

Thanks for stopping by! Nate


SO happy to finally get in a few Vitamin O stickers. They are available here. The first run of stickers was a little screwed up according to the printer so she has given us a large handful (of the nice ones) for free while she reprints them. That means our Vitamin O stickers will be included with orders until we run out of this "whoops" batch. Have a great day - Ariel

Just posted a great batch of crystal tumbled opals. Thanks for stopping by. Ariel

Just a heads up on our assorted mini tumbled opals. They are a really good mix of colors right now. They are perfect for smaller pieces and accents.... Have a great day! Nate

Just added 16 new milli canes. Enjoy! Nate

You have to check out our new "Vitamin O" t-shirts. Designed by Adam Smith at Scouts Honor and printed by Kong here in Austin. You gotta get up, get out and get one! Thanks for stopping by! Nate

We have updated the 2nds section with some 8mm and 10mm coins. They are pretty nice for 2nds and are perfect aside from having "not ideal" fire in them. Thanks for stopping by! Nate

As you may know SXSW is in town (we are located in Austin, TX) and tomorrow (Saturday) is the one day not to miss. So everyone here at Profound will be getting out of the shop for the day and going downtown to join in the festivities. Therefore, we won't be shipping on Saturday and emails/calls received on Saturday will be replied to on Monday. Have a great weekend! Nate

Fyi - Tomorrow is the last day of our t-shirt sale. We will be dropping our new Adam Smith design later this week. Have a great Monday. Ariel

Added a number of AKIO skull pendants earlier today. As of this moment there are 2 of each size left. This is the first time AKIO has offered a mini size so if you have been hunting for a smaller skull piece take a look. Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for stopping by - Nate

Our Crushed Opal Nail Polish is back in stock and will ship Monday morning. Have a great weekend!

We made some crushed opal nail polish! Fun stuff y'all!

**update 2/26/2014** Our first batch of polish is all gone BUT we will have more in stock this Friday. Also if you have picture of your opal-ized nails that you want to share send them to us at

Thanks for stopping by, Ariel

Just a heads up on a little T-shirt sale. Only $10 + free shipping. We need to make room for a new Adam Smith shirt design dropping next week. The only catch is we will choose the color based on what sizes you choose (Don't worry, they all look good). Grab a shirt and have a great Thursday! Nate

Happy President's Day! Today is a banking and USPS holiday so orders being shipped by USPS will be shipped by us today but will be processed by the USPS tomorrow due to the Holiday. FedEx doesn't take the holiday off, so orders shipped with FedEx will go out today with normal delivery times.

Also, did you know we now have Linework Milli Coins and Cane! Lots of unique designs and color cobos available for your consideration. Thanks for visiting and have a great day! Nate

We have added a new coin shape called "Diamonds". Currently available in 10x6 and 6x4. These are perfect for those geo disc flips. Thanks for visiting! Ariel

Looks like the checkout speed is back to normal. Remember, if the website ever gives you trouble just drop us a line. We can take your credit card or paypal order over the phone - 877.844.5573. Thanks for stopping by! Ariel

We have been informed that the shipping step during checkout is taking longer then normal to load. You may have to wait an addition 20 seconds or so during the shipping step, but it will eventually load up. Everything should be back to normal speeds soon.... Thanks for stopping by! Ariel

If you ordered from us over the holiday season chances are you received some yummy chocolates in your package. We have received a few emails asking for a link to the chocolatier responsible for the tasty nuggets. Here is a link to Cocoa Puro. Tell them Profound Glass sent ya! Thanks for stopping by - Nate

Thanks for visiting!
We have a handful of new items to tell everyone about. We have started offering a new, smaller size of chards - Mircro chards. The micro chards look really nice in a bunch of different applications; from tubing to nail polish! We also started offering mini tumbled opals in white and black for those of you that prefer the little pieces. The mini tumbled opals are between 1mm and 3mm but still have great fire. Lastly, a new shape was introduced this morning called "Bullets". They are really nice and are 100% polished to avoid bubbles.
Again, thanks for dropping by! Ariel

The holidays are upon us and I'd like to highlight a couple things.

We have a bunch of awesome new opals to check out; Skulls, Cylinders, Coins, Saturns to name a few. We also updated, and will continue to update, our second quality section. These opals are not perfect but they aren't that bad either so it may be worth a look depending on what your project is.

We have added a bunch of great boro items to our glass pendant section. Recently added are peices from Freeek, Bishop, Natey. Check them out if your looking for one of a kind gift ideas.

Lastly, we are recomending you choose FedEx shipping during the holiday season if you want to be exactly sure when you order will be delivered to you. The USPS delivery times can be much longer then normal during the holidays and it can be very frustrating to have a delivery not arrive when expected. But don't worry, we will continue to offer free USPSshipping on orders over $25 (USA only) and think its still a great deal even during the holidays.

Thanks for stopping by! Ariel


Can you guess which opal can be encased? Take a second to look closely.

Give up? Click the picture and find out.

Its hard to tell the opals apart just by looking at them even when they are side by side. Folks always ask us how to tell the difference. The answer is its hard, really hard. They look pretty much the same, they weigh about the same and are often called the same thing. But there are a few things to watch out for. First, if its super cheap it probably won't work with glass. Second, if it feels a little like plastic or pvc it probably won't work with glass. Third, if the opal looks like a sandwich from the side then its either a doublet or triplet and it certainly won't work with glass.

Well thats it for today. Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year! Ariel

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